Welcome to the Hemp Kombinat!

The Hemp Kombinat is a place, where Magic happens! Thanks to the combination of passion, experience and perseverance we are constantly developing and improving our innovative hemp growing and processing technologies – that is where the highest quality of our products come from. We have full control of every step of the production process which allows us to be 100% sure of the quality at every step, from seed to shelf. Reintroduction of this traditional Polish crop comes hand in hand with the use of new technologies, thus bridging the gap left after the lost decades in hemp know-how.

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Who are we?

Our company’s core consist of two hemp enthusiasts: the company’s CEO Aleksandra Olszewska (10+ years of experience with natural fibres in Polish Chamber of Cultural Heritage) and Maciej Kowalski (the first Polish entrepreneur that was granted a license to process industrial hemp, 15+ years of hemp experience), surrounded by a strong team of motivated, professional co-workers.
The main objective of our R&D efforts is concentrated around the use of hemp fibres in textile industry. We are getting ever-so-close to developing a scalable technological process that would allow for the widespread use of hemp in clothing! While we all wait for the locally sourced, top quality hemp apparel – we welcome you to take a look at our other wonderful products made from this miraculous plant!
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